A tourist resort Protarast in Cyprus


Imago of Cavo Greco National Park
Beautiful coast in Cavo Greco Natural Park

Unspoiled beauty

If you arrived on Cyprus, it’s time to go out in nature and explore the island. It’s size is around 9.000 square kilometers and it is politically divided on southern (free state, Republic of Cyprus) and northern Cyprus (controlled by Turkey). As it is one of the great European summer destinations, the summer time is when the most crowds are gathering. Amazing array of water sports is available, like snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle surfing, windsurfing, sailing, fishing and many more. Fishing and sailing are also popular in less warm months (after October), when also hiking comes across many minds. In the winter time, after the new year, usually enough snow falls on Mount Olympus, which raises on the height of 1.952 meters above the sea level, so the skiing is also possible.

Photo of the beautiful shore of Cyšris
Amazingly beautiful shore in Cyprus

Expect only the best

Cyprus is pretty expensive destination, so it’s smart to book hotel when you get some budget price. Check hotel ratings in advance, so no surprises will await you but all in all, Cyprus is famous for it’s hospitality.

Photo of Ayia Napa Sculpture Park
Ayia Napa Sculpture Park

Rich culture and world-class cuisine

If you are a fan of the local cuisine, then you certainly have to try something special, of course if you have gut and good stomach. Specialties like jellied pork, boiled pork testicles, fried snail balls or boiled lambs’ brains are not so easy to get, so find a good restaurant with excellent cook and fresh material. Also you need to try one of the Cyprus known wines, especially the famous Kommandaria.

Photo of Stavrovuoni Monastery in Cryprus
Stavrovuoni Monastery in Cyprus

A great family trip

When visiting the island of Cyprus with your kids, you have to find a good spot in order to keep their focus on fun and your mind in relaxation mode. The best places are North Coast with Kyrenia, where you will find some great beaches, Kyrenia shipwreck in the city museum and fairy-tale castles; Larnaka with many sandy beaches, water park, camel riding and great Sea Museum; Pafos on west coast with water amusement park, boat rides, snorkeling, diving, many different water activities and Bird Park; Lemesos with many water and other outdoor activities like horse riding, cycling, hiking, also great for kids, because of the many beaches with more shallow waters and of course we must not forget the great Extreme Park in Lefkosia with so many outdoor and also indoor activities that we can’t mention all here.

Girls smelling a flower
A girl smelling a flower

You can find just anything you wish on Cyprus. Good hotels, restaurant, souvenir shops, museums, amusement parks, castles, beaches and much more, that you will not get bored on your vacations. Prepare your airplane ticket and a full wallet.

Republic of Cyprus: Kolossi Castle, Archaeological Museum, Gran Mosque, Mini ZOO, St Nicholas of the Cats Monastery, Wine Museum, Donkey Sanctuary, Ancient Kourion (Lemesos); Tomb of ditissa Monastery, Archbishop Makarios III, Kykkos Monastery, TroöByzantine Museum, Hrysopolitissa Basilica and St Paul’s Pillar, Pafos Castle, Agios Lambrianos Rock-Cut Tomb, Agia Solomoni and the Christian Catacomb, Museum of Natural History; Byzantine Museum, Larnaka Fort, Archaeological Museum, Pierides Archaeological Foundation, Ancient Kition, Natural History Museum, Grand Mosque
Northern side: Ancient Salamis, Ancient Vouni, Ancient Soloi, Kantara Castle, Hilarion Castle, Buffavento Castle.

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