Photo of an old street in Vilnius, Lithuania


Image of Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius the capital of Lithuania

Historic gem of Europe

Lithuania is a secret treasure in Europe north eastern part. It’s the largest of 3 Baltic states which became NATO and EU member in 2004. It is one of the oldest Baltic countries and way first mentioned almost 1000 years ago.

With its incredible landscape and many historical buildings that survived through the ages, Lithuania is a pearl for tourists from all parts of the world. Natural landscape is extremely well preserved with rivers, lakes, forests, hills and even sand dunes that make you enjoy each moment. Even if country is pretty small it still has 6 UNESCO Heritage sites including old town center of capital Vilnius, Curonian Spit which is stretching over 2 states and Struve Geodetic Arc. The Curonian Spit has some nice resort towns like Nida with great bicycle trails and all around amazing nature and views of the sea.

Lithuania's unspoiled nature photo
The beautiful landscape of Lithuania

Culture mixed with amazing nature

Lithuania’s cities offer so much in variety. Besides its well known capital Vilnius, you also have places like Palanga which is a summer resort and an all out popular place among foreigners. Not so well known but equally amazing is the town of Druskininkai, an amazing town known for its healing mud baths and peaceful setting with beautiful nature.
Some of the most interesting cities of Lithuania like Liepaja, Palanga and Klaipeda have great beaches you can enjoy during the summer months. The country itself has 5 national parks and a lot of gardens.

Trakai Castle in Lithuania from front
Trakai Island Castle in Trakai, Lithuania

Love for all things beautiful including sports

When visiting it, don’t forget that Lithuania is a basketball country! Lithuanians take great pride in the sport. The independence of the country from Soviet Union was sealed when Lithuania competed in the Olympic Games in Barcelona. So knowing a bit about basketball will definitely will make you more popular among the people there.

Lithuania is a country with a diverse history and culture. Virtually any city you visit there will be a chance you fall in love with it. Beautiful architecture, summer resorts, great beaches, unspoiled nature and a huge love for sports are just a few things you can look forward to in Lithuania.


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