Found in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy is one of the most romantic and history rich countries in the world. Perhaps it is best known to the world because it was once the seat of the largest empire on earth called Rome.

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  • Italian town of Naples

    Found just less than 200 kilometers from Italian capital Rome, Naples is one of the most rewarding cities to visit. The city’s name literally means “New City” in Ancient Greek language and this is so because it is one of the oldest cities in Italy. Its symbolic icon is the

  • Picture of the Ferris Wheel in Rimini.

    Sitting on the upper eastern Italian coast is a thriving resort called Rimini. It is the capital city of province with the same name “Rimini”. It shares the Adriatic sea with Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania.

  • Photo of an ongoing excavation works in Pompeii.

    Found in southern part of Italy, close to the city of Napoli, Pompeii is one of the most interesting places to visit. Today Pompeii is a modern city with about 25.000 inhabitants, but it is very special due to the fact it holds one of the most preserved cities from

  • Birdseye view of Verona, Italy.

    Found in northern Italy, only about 120 kilometers west from Venice, Verona is one of the most famous cities in Italy. The city has achieved a UNESCO status because of its rich history and beauty. It is one of those place that young and old people come to spends romantic

  • Rome, the Capital of the Roman Empire of old, now, the Capital of one of the most seductive countries in all of Europe and the Mediterranean, Italy. Rome is where all the flavors of Italy converge into a heady mix of enchanting ruins, incredible art, inspiring architecture and a vibrant street

  • Image of Milan's skyline

    A city of arts Milan is a beautiful city of fashion, football, opera and glamour like very few places on earth. Is the capital of two world-famous football clubs Milan and Inter, who live in the same stadium called Giuseppe Meazza. It is a place where you can watch an

  • Image of Siena in Italy

    Historical center Siena Found in northern Italy, just 50 kilometers from Florence is the city of Siena. It is a historical center and a UNESCO declared site. Siena stands out as one of the most visited places in Italy due to its rich history, culture and attractions. The first thing

  • Photo of Bologna, Italy

    Charming Bologna Found in northern Italy, Bologna is the capital of Emilia-Romagna region and its biggest city. It holds the 7th place on the list of biggest Italian cities. Bologna is famous for one of the oldest universities in Europe and lively student population and charming architecture. Being over 1000

  • Image of the main square in Catania

    Catania – A historic city like no other Found in the southern party of Italy, Catania is a city with an abundant rich history that spans over a thousand years ago. The city is located near Mount Etna, the largest volcano in this part of the world. Catania sits on

  • Image of Piazza De Ferrari in Genoa

    Dating back to the ancient times Found in the northern part of Italy, Genoa was once a hugely important port city and a birthplace of the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. Fact is that Genoa is often overshadowed by Italy’s bigger cities such as its capital Rome, Venice or Milan. Genoa

  • Florence skyline photo

    The birthplace of Renaissance Being the capital of the beautiful Tuscany region, Florence is known as being home to Renaissance art. The Tuscany region of Italy is known as being the largest focal point of art in the world. Legendary paintings, sculptures, frescoes and legendary architecture is located here. Gourmands will feel right at home

Today Italy is nothing short of a magnificent country, beauty and life at every corner. It is home to some of the finest artistic relics which can be enjoyed in the many galleries and museums, world famous cuisine, latest fashion trends and architecture to droll over.

The legendary Colosseum in Rome
The legendary Colosseum in Rome

The famous lo Stivale

Because of Italy’s unique shape, it is often referred to as lo Stivale, which in translation means “The Boot”, and that’s easy to understand as it literally looks like a boot from a top-down view. In the ancient days a small Italic tribe called the Latins established the Roman Kingdom which became the center of western civilization. Today Italy is one of the top countries to visit in Europe. The capital of the country is Rome which is famous for its ancient relics from the times of Rome. When visiting a capital city, you surely need to find your way to holy city – the Vatican itself.

Vatican City, Italy
Vatican City, Italy

The heart of Italy

Italy has been one of the first tourist destinations in Europe and was the birthplace of the ever-so-famous renaissance area. It was the flourishing Italian culture of the 15th century that drew in many artists and scholars which greatly contributed to how Italy looks and feels today. This led Italy to produce some of the great and famous inventors and artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michalengelo.

Trevi Fountain in Rome
Trevi Fountain in Rome

The rich, vibrant history of Italy resulted in some of the most amazing architecture present in the world in almost every place you visit. But Italy has to be explored slowly, perhaps one region at a time. Why? Because the country is so diverse and it has natural feel to it, that you can’t grasp it all in just one visit. Visit the hidden romantic ports, historic cities, and amazing hotels in this wonderful country with your partner of family. Italy is great location to connect yourself with nature. Featuring 24 Natural Parks, it is a perfect place to explore the local culture, food, and ancient relics you will find along the path such as old castles, churches, towers and much more.

A holiday house in Italy
A holiday house in Italy

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