View of San Diego at night time.

San Diego

Standing on the southern tip of California, just off the Mexican border, San Diego is the second largest city in California just after Los Angeles. San Diego is considered the birthplace of California because in 1769, when it was founded by Spanish, was the first city (back then settlement) in California. Over the time it …

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Acapulco beach and hotels


A city spoken about as the perfect place for your summer visit, Acapulco inspires the imagination of many of it’s visitors. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the American continent and is almost unmatched in amazing nightlife scene, picture perfect beaches, world class hotels and much more.

Image of New York City

New York

New York, one of the most seductive cities in the world, offers an intoxicating mix of concert halls, creative restaurants, and lively nightlife. Although that is only the beginning of a world of possibilities that encompasses avant-garde haute couture, backlit Broadway stages, and jazz clubs opening at dawn. All dreams come true in the Big …

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Panoramic view of San Cristóbal de Las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico

San Cristóbal de Las Casas

Found in the southeast part of Mexico, San Cristóbal de Las Casas is a cultural town in the Chiapas state. It is a rather small city sitting in the highlands and is surrounded by mountains and hills. It is considered as a cultural capital because many descendants of the Mayan civilization.

Skyline of Mexico city in the night

Mexico City

Mexico City was built through hundreds of years on the ruins of the Tenochtitlán, the Aztecs city that was found and later destroyed by Spanish conquistador Cortez. Today Mexico City is the capital of Mexico country, one of the most important cities in the South America and also on whole American continent. It is the …

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Photo of the city of Toronto, Canada


Found in the northern region of North America, Canada ranks as the 4th biggest country by land in the world. Canada is roughly the same size as North America, but only has about 35 million inhabitants while North American population exceeds 316 million people. This gives us the idea of how scarcely populated Canada really …

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Photo of historic city of Guanajuato


A glace into wonderful Mexico Landlocked between United States and Guatemala, Mexico is a place of many tales, adventures and rich legacy. It shorelines includes the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, totaling over 3800 kilometers of shoreline. Open up to new experiences It is said that if you visit Mexico you have to …

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Times Square in New York city, USA

New York by night

New York can be a dream destination Did you ever dream about visiting USA? If you did, one of the best destinations to visit is surely New York City! With millions of inhabitants and events happening every day, this is a place that tourists should not miss. Top sites you should not miss: Wall Street …

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