You can’t live without a good music? You need to know when your favorite musician will publish new CD or have another concert in your area? We will try to bring you as much information as possible from all around the world.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was one of the most influential and talented young musicians. With her mixture of jazz, soul, R&B, pop and hip-hop she took over the world. Amy Winehouse was born in 1983 in London to her father Mitch Winehouse and mother Janis. Since she was a child music had a big influence on her life as she […]

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Concert photo of Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

Known best for being part of the infamous Beatles, Paul McCartney became an incredibly successful solo musician. Paul was born in Liverpool, England in 1942 and has been a part of the unyielding success story of the Beatles back in 1960s. Paul and the Beatles He has been influenced by music since an early age

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Image of Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker

Undeniable legend Joe cocker was one of the most recognized English musicians. He was famous for his rough voice that brought something beautiful to every song he performed. Joe Cocker unfortunately passed away in 2014 due to lung cancer, but we all remember him as someone very special. He was for sure one of the

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Beyoncé Knowles

One of the most talented artists in our time, Beyoncé Knowles is known for her amazing vocals and incredible live performances. We all remember when Beyoncé first caught our attention as the lead singer of the famous group Destiny’s Child. Later she went= on on her to own to establish herself as one of the

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Jason Derulo

Born in 1989 as Jason Joel Desrouleaux, known world-wide as Jason Derulo, he is an American songwriter, singer and dance performer. Jason was born in Florida and has started to sing at a very young age. Jason attended various schools where he learned about performing and has produced his very own song when he was

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Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is perhaps best known as being part of the very popular group Destinys Child that sweped the world with their numerous hit singles and top notch live performance. Kelly was born in Atlanta in 1981, and during her childhood was inspired by Whitney Houston. Just like her idol, Whitney sand at a church choir,

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One of the most creative and influential R&B and POP artists, Usher doesn’t stop to amaze us with each new album. He was only 15 when his first album came out and he hasn’t slowed down the pace since.

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