Photo of Seychelles coast


Photo of Praslin sandy beach
Seychelles Praslin Island

Unlock the secrets of Seychelles

Group of Seychelles island consists of 41 granitic and about 75 coral-line islands. They’re scattered on a large area north from Madagascar Island and east of African continent. Their geographical location makes them much less important today, as they were before the Suez channel was built, because they were directly on route from Africa to India. Today tourism is the main activity in Seychelles, employing over 30% of all population. Population size is about 80.000 people, mostly living in northern group of Mahe island.

Photo of Mahe Island, Seychelles
Seychelles Mahe Island

Another step into natures heart

This dream destination brings tens of thousands of tourists each year but islands are still pretty undiscovered and much more known, then visited. Most of the tourists are arriving from largest European states, like Germany, England and France but more and more groups of tourists from USA are also discovering this beautiful destination each year.
Pointe Larue is the international airport, with direct and regular flights going to Dubai, Singapore, Mauritius, Johannesburg and european capitals of London, Paris, Rome and some other important airports like in Frankfurt or Zurich.

Image of Seychelles river and landscape
Seychelles beautiful landscape

Beauty preserved

There are many things to do on Secheylles, but mostly the water sport activities are available. It’s an amazing destination if you’re fan of sea but really bad if you enjoy historic buildings or winter time. Still there are 2 UNESCO Heritage sites available to visitors. The Aldabra Atoll, largest raised coral atoll in the world and the natural park Vallée de Mai in the center of the island Praslin, with many different kinds of palms.

Image of Pirate Island in Seychelles
Seychelles Pirate Island

Wondering why even Prince William and his love Kate went to Seychelles to their honeymoon? Check out the this lovely islands on your own and you’ll surely get a clear picture why this was their choice.

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