Belle Mare

Belle Mare is another great place to enjoy your daily beach time. Water sports and also inland activities are available as anywhere else in Mauritius. Belle Mare lies on east coast of Mauritius main island, just on opposite side then the capital city of Port Louis and north from the international airport and is connected well with it via B28 road, going along the coast and through Bel Air.

Where to stay in Belle Mare

There are some great accommodation places in Belle Mare, along the coast or around 5 km from this beach resort at Trou dʼ Eau Douce. Any place you choose to stay in is well rated from their ex-visitors. Many hotels you can book on Belle Mare are 5 stars.

There are also budget hotels available, just like everywhere else on Mauritius but of course the accommodation can’t be compared with top class options. Make Belle Mare hotel reservation before you travel to the city to avoid any complications.

Sandy beach on the hotels shoreline in Mauritious Mare.
Mauritious Mare accomodation

Tourist love Belle Mare and surrounding area. You can spend some time in Bois Cheri Tea Factory checking out the tea exhibition. Who doesn’t like tea, right? No matter if you’re a British or not tea is important part of our daily life all over the world. Also a great garden and colonial house is worth visiting in the city. It is called Domain des Aubineaux and all local taxi drivers know well how to find it.

Do many interesting things

Belle Mare has very nice golf course called One & Only Le Saint Geran Golf Club. It is known by many as the primary example of the most enchanting environment to play golf in.

Image of a sandy beach in Mauritious Mare
Sandy beach and open waters in Mauritious Mare

Belle Mare doesn’t offer only amazing scenery and a bit of wildness if you will turn towards north from here. Also it is known as probably the best diving place in whole Mauritius. But for many over 10 kilometers of great beaches are the best place to stay over the day time. Looking for another great place to relax? Try Palmar beach, another great seaside place to spend some relaxing moments in. Dive, swim, sun tan, enjoy – Belle Mare is the place to do that for sure.

Best Belle Mare attractions

Domain des Aubineaux, Bois Cheri Tea Factory, One & Only Le Saint Geran Golf Club

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