Image of sunset settling over Madagascar


If there’s a place on this plane that’s even forgotten by god, but at the same time so beautifully unique and amazing its flora and fauna, then this has to be the city of Madagascar.

Every year it is visited by an increasing number of tourists, mostly from France, Spain and Germany, but this is not by far a tourist destination like the nearby Mauritius, Reunion or if you look a bit to the north Seychelles.

Beauty of Madagascar rediscovered

Madagascar is huge island, east from Africa continent, on the far south of the globe. Northern part of the island is in line with Darwin city in Australia and southern with Brisbane Australia, Pretoria city in South Africa or Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. If you’re used looking at world maps and you see it only as some island in the ocean, small in comparison to Africa or Australia, you must imagine that it’s size of around 600.000 square kilometres is as twice as big as Italy – almost as big as France. So, yes, it’s quite enormous by size actually.

Photo of Madagascar's highgrounds
Madagascar’s highlands

The island features a terrain that is mostly mountainous, especially on the east, where the reef stretches from north to the south at about 2.000 meters above sea level.

Island and ocean photo of Saint Marie Island, Madagascar
St. Marie Island, Madagascar

Undeveloped and unhindered

One of the major problems of Madagascar is the huge poverty. The Islands history is heavily entwined with France that held it as its own colony, and many tribes that for centuries moved from Asia to here.

Lemur of Madagascar
Madagascar’s most famous animal, the Lemur

This means that in a way there’s a lot more of Europe and Asia here then Africa. Madagascar went its own way in development, but the lack of funding also meant that nature was left in its natural beautiful state. This is a very special place where you will find amazing animals and plant life.

Madagascar's bungalov's
Bungalow in Madagascar

Besides explorer the Island manages to draw in more and more tourists every year. This enables it to slowly attract many business men who see opportunities of investing in infrastructure and such, that in term enables the island and its inhabitants too look forward to a better future.

A place to relax

For visitors, mostly interesting is the capital city and some coastal settlements, mostly fishing villages, where there’s a lot of tourist accommodations available. But for some, the excitement of exploring the flora and fauna comes first, while for others, the beaches and a cool palm shade is all they seek.

Rova Castle in Madagascar's capital
Rova Castle in Antananarivo

Crystal clear water, many gorgeous lagoons and beaches is what truly shines in Madagascar. It is appropriate to dress light, but should take some hiking gear if you are going to the mountains. Don’t forget to bring a lot of sun cream because you will need it for sure. Make sure you have an awesome time in exploring the Island and its perks. And don’t forget that Madagascar will compete in 2016 Summer Olympics.

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