What Fatima means for Portugal and Western Europe, Medjugorje means for Bosnia and eastern Europe. Pilgrims from all over the world are arriving to this sacred place of worship and Catholic religion. The story has started in the year 1981, when Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared for the first time to 6 kids who were playing outside. Official Vatican still has some problems with recognizing the appearances and miracles but pilgrims are gathering at the site all the time.

Medjugorje church in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Church of our Lady in Medjugorje

It is easy to arrive to Medjugorje from Sarajevo and Mostar and also from Croatian cities of Split or Dubrovnik, which are not so far away. So even if you’re enjoying your vacations at the beautiful Croatian coast, you can make a day trip to Medjugorje at almost any time. Until now, over 15 millions of visitors found this tiny village since the first appearance.

Pilgrimage hill in Medjugorje
Pilgrimage hill in Medjugorje

Even if Medjugorje is only a simple and small village, it is undoubtedly one of the best touristic locations in the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina and also one of the best organized. Tourist can enjoy in nice hotels and motels, very good restaurants which serve mostly local food of very high quality and there are also many souvenir shops and some other options. While you’re here, explore the wine region and taste some local cuisine in less commercialized restaurants. Bosnia and Herzegovina was always known for its extremely low priced and well prepared and tasty food. So if Fatima is too far for you, then Medjugorje is the other best location to visit.

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