While being in Bosnia and Herzegovina or in neighboring Croatia, Mostar is surely a town you will not miss in your discoveries. Small town with around 100.000 population has Bosnian and Croatian population. In some way, the nationality and the religion are dividing the city in two areas. Not only psychologically but also physical, because Croats are living mostly on the western bank of the Neretva river.

Whenever you’re in region at any given time of the year, Mostar is a good choice to visit. Pretty old town center featuring bridges across the river, a small marketplace and some mosques are waiting for you. One of those bridges, the famous was very old and of extreme historical and cultural value but it was intentionally destroyed in the time of the last Balkan conflict between 1992-1995. The Old Bridge was reconstructed and opened again for public in 2008 and again being one of the most important and best visited parts of the town.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Again, the diving of the town between catholic and Muslim residents, gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy in rich cultural and religious objects. Of course, there are much more mosques in the town then places of worship for Catholics. Either way, you can enjoy old town center of Mostar with it’s great cuisine being presented at many restaurants, serving Balkan food, which is very well accepted between visitors from all over the world.

Mostar bridge
Famous old bridge in Mostar

Arriving to Mostar is easy from Sarajevo or from Dubrovnik or Split in Crotia. Also Mostar has small international airport, with more or less charter flights going to Italian cities Milan, Verona, Turin and some other capitals in vicinity like Athens and Vienna.

Best Mostar attractions:

The Old Bridge, clock tower, Koski Mehmed pasa Mosque, Early Christian Basilica Cim, Turkish Bath, old town center, Bishop’s Ordinariate building, Metropolitan Palace, Synagogue

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