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Image of Oslo's architecture
Architecture in downtown Oslo

Capital in a fjord

Norway capital that is located in the fjord and goes by the name of Oslo. The city lies in the far south of the huge country and in its long and rich history has changed many names, but for a very long time it was called Christiania. The city was once called Oslo, but only in 1925 has regained its former name again.

Despite the fact that Norway, just like Sweden is a very Scandinavian country and that Baltic Sea, which hugs the country on the south isn’t famous for high temperatures, there is a possibility of bathing in hot summer days near Oslo. In the summer months Oslo has a reputation of a very attractive capital city, where its possible to visit the cultural highlights of the beautiful city core, a vast variety of museums and events. Many of them happen in the open, so everyone is welcome see what is going on.

Image of Sognsvann Lake
Sognsvann Lake in Oslo

Oslo is host to many events

Among the most popular international festivals are the Oslo Jazz festival, Oslo Chamber Music Festival ad Oya Festival. The concert halls, opera and sport complexes are a site of many other attractive events. These are really in high number in Oslo. Many of the famous worlds music bands come here to play.
In the vicinity of Oslo there is an incredible 2000 kilometers of skiing trails, that are very well visited in winter time. Because Norway is a skiing country, the trekking trail Marka in the vicinity of the capital is a huge attraction. The western part of the city is home to the most important state and city institutions, including the Royal Palace, many museums, university complexes and National Theater. Even more museums, opera houses and the famous fort Akershuh lie in the eastern part of the city, together with the cathedral and Stortinger building which hosts the Norwegian parliament.

Image of Oslo Opera House
Oslo Opera House

A place of many opportunities

Despite that in Oslo you wont be running low on fun and excitement, you can quickly run out of money. We are talking probably about one of the most expensive cities in the world, where prices are tailored for the local consumer. Norwegians earn so much money, that only a few countries can compare. If you arrive here with an intention to do business, then this is a place of many opportunities. But on the other side Oslo is a magnificent place to spend your holiday with your family, but you must take the enormous costs into account. But if you are resourceful, there is an abundance o things to do, completely free. The list can be found at the local tourist organization, where you also have a map of Oslo, which allows travelers to use the public transport and a visit to many landmarks.

Front view of The Royal Palace in Oslo
Royal Palace in Oslo

Best Oslo attractions:

Royal palace Slottet, History museum, University complex, National theater, Norsk Folkenmuseum, Akershus fortress, cathedral, Norvegian parliament Stortinget, Opera house, Ethnographic museum, National gallery, City hall Radhuset, Concert hall, Museum of Contemporary Art, Christiania Torw square, Museum of Norvegian Architecture, Oslo cathedral, Opera house, Oslo Spektrum; in Bygdoy: Frammuseet, Kon-Tiki museum, Dronningen, Norwegian Maritime museum, Open air Norsk Folkemuseum, Holmenkollen; in Vigeland park: Monolith, Oslo Bymuseum, Wheel of Life, Fountain; Technical museum, Zoological museum, Geological musuem, Botanical garden

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