Photo of Turku in Autumn
Autumn in Turku” by Andrei Neimemäki licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Big, beautiful Turku

Turku is a very big city in Finland, with almost 200.000 population, lying on the southwest coast, where river Aura (Aurajoki in Finish language) is finding it’s way to the sea. City grew on an old settlement, first being mentioned in the 13th century. Later it was also a capital of Grand Duchy of Finland but only for few years and after that, they moved it to the Helsinki. Turku stayed important trading center and never lost its old soul.Big, beautiful Turku

Front view of Turku City Hall
Turku City Hall by Markus Koljonen is licensed by CC BY-SA 3.0

Explore the wonderful Turku

The Turku Castle is the best attraction in the town. It is huge in size and hosts a Historical museum today. Also its dungeons, towers and banqueting halls are well worth of checking. If you’re strolling down the both banks of the river, try to feel the Turku spirit. It surely is something special and no wonder that it is a home to many known finish writers and artists.
If you arrive in Turku for few days, then be sure to check some of their very nice museums, because many have pretty unusual themes. If you like music, two great rock festivals are held here each year and in March month also a jazz festival. Turku Music Festival is another event worth visiting, not only for great artists performing opera, classical and contemporary music but also because of fantastic ambient inside huge Turku Castle and inside Turku cathedral.

Front view of Tuku City Library
City Library in Turku by Markus Koljonen is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Surrounded by nature

Turku was always a commercial center of Finland and so it is today as well. Even the name, with origins from Russia, tells us about being some kind of a marketplace. Because Turku is positioned on an archipelago, that’s why the cruises around the surrounding islands are very popular among visitors.

Front photo of Turku Castle
Turku Castle by Otto Jula is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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