Vilnius Castle


Image of Vilnius architecture
The awe inspiring architecture of Vilnius

Architectural wonderland

Located in southeast of Lithuania is the country’s biggest city and capital Vilnius.
Vilnius is a beautiful city surrounded with hills. It hosts over half million inhabitants and has sustained a series of fires and wars in its rich history. The first mentioning of the city goes back to the early 14th century when Duke Gediminas tried to convince many people from Germany to make a life here, promising lower taxes and other perks.
Vilnius is nothing short of an architectural museum with many buildings that tell of the rich past of the country and Lithuania. Vilnius has also had a makeover and has become a highly developed European city where you can do plenty of shopping, dining or enjoy its huge nightlife scene.

Photo of Vilnius in the summer
Aerial photo of Vilnius

History preserved

Old city center is listed in UNESCO Heritage list as a great treasure and is best visited on foot or bicycle. The whole area of Old Town can be traced back to medieval times that is surrounded by a wall. Many buildings here are of Baroque and Classicism architecture. One of the most outstanding building in the city is the Vilnius Cathedral. You can visit its chapel or the catacombs below. But if you are looking forward to see some more modern art then visit the Contemporary Art Center that is full of interesting exhibitions.
A great place to enjoy some peace and quiet is the Verkiai Regional Park, one of the largest parks in the country and holding the Verkiai Calvaries which are built precisely following the blueprint of Jerusalem. Other interesting sites can be visited by bus. These include the Upper castle and museums which are a bit further from old town core. Also some very interesting museums can be visited in the city. One of them is the National Museum of Lithuania, holding a rich cultural inheritance.

Photo of parliament building in Vilnius
National Library in Vilnius, Lithuania

Experience Vilnius

Vilnius has some great sports events that go on such as the Basketball Games. This is where many European teams compete at the Siemens Arena and Lietuvos Rytas Basketball Arena. If you dare you can see the city through the Hot air balloon tours, offering the best possible view of the whole city.
Vilnius is truly an experience you will never forget. It is like one big museum full of culture and beautiful architecture under one roof. Enjoy the festivals, see the famous landmarks, and visit the small markets that offer fresh vegetables and fruit. It truly is a city that you have to must see if you are in Lithuania.

Old town's long street in VIlnius
Old town in Vilnius, Lithuana

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