Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World is an indie-pop band from Mesa, Arizona. The band formed in 1993 and has released 8 albums since then. They are made of 4 members: Jim Adkins as the lead vocalist and guitarist, Tom Linton as guitarist and supporting vocals, Rick Burch as the bassist and Zack Lind as the drummer.

Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World
Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World

The band was put together by long high school friends Jim Adkins and Zach Lind who wanted to try out their musical talents with guitarist Tim Linton and bassist Mitch Porter.

Jimmy Eat World takes on the world

The band formed in 1993, but didn’t achieve global fame until 2001 when their hugely popular album Bleed American came out. The album was a huge success and four of its songs held the Hot Modern Rock Tracks top 20 positions. The song The Middle actually managed to climb the charts to number 1 position.

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Members of Jimmy Eat World have financed their first album themselves when they were dropped by Capitol Records because of low sales of their previous album Clarity.

Their next success came in 2004 with the release album Futures which, once again, managed to hold one of its songs “Pain” on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks.

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Jimmy Eat World released Chase This Light in 2007, which was the most critically appraised album of the group reaching the number 5 position on the Billboard 200. The song “Give it up” was featured in the game “Burnout Paradise” as a part of its OST.

In the summer of 2008, Jimmy Eat World began working on their 7th album “Inverted”. The album was released in September 2010 and reached 35.000 records sold during the first week in United States. What is special about Inverted is that each individual song is its “closed narrative” and that the album delves deeper into character writing then ever, as Jim Adkins himself said.

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