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What happened in London in the year of 1962? Rolling Stones did! They are one of the most popular bands ever on stage and they have been rocking for over 50 years.

Rolling Stones performing in Milwaukee
Rolling Stones performing in Milwaukee

Since the Rolling Stones started performing as a group in 1962 they have become one of the most critically acclaimed bands of all time reaching a whooping 200 million+ albums sold world-wide.

How the stones started to roll

The story dates back to the early 50’s when Mick Jagger started playing with his friend Dick Taylor. They started out playing in the garage, and sharpened their teeth by playing material by then known artists. Keith and Jagger separated at the same time because of some family issues, and went their own way. They reunited in 1960 by accident. Keith joined Jagger’s band called Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys.

Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones

They were together cruising and performing in London until they met Brian Jones, the guitarist and member of Blues Incorporated. Very soon they were living any performing together.  Brian was has been looking to form his own band and this game him the opportunity to do just that. He named the group Rolling Stones. They first appeared in 1962 as a group which also had Dick Taylor (founder of Pretty Things), Mich Avory (drummer of the group) and Ian Steward who played the keyboard.

After their debut, the band signed a 8 month contract that included the residency in the Crowdaddy Club where they attracted a huge number of fans. They also met a lot of musicians and this is where their final lineup of the group members was decided.

Rolling Stones roll out their first single

The Rolling Stones signed their fist contract in 1963 with Decca Records and produced their first single “Come on”

The song “Come On” wasnt a original Rolling Stones song but it was from Chuck Berry, a famous American musicians known as one of the pioneers of Rock’n’Roll music. The interesting twist about their second single was that it came from Beatles. Many people believed that there was a huge competiton between then insanely popular Beatles and Rolling Stones. “I Wanna Be Your Man” was a song that was originally written by Beatles Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

Rolling Stones rise to glory came in 1964 with their reinvention of “It’s All Over Now” song from Valentinos, the famous Ohio, Cleveland R&B music family.

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