Photo of Klaipeda
The beautiful historic city Klaipeda in Lithuania

Stroll down the memory lane

Holding the 3rd place as one of the largest cities of Lithuania, Klaipeda is a city with a rich history that goes well back into the past.
It is located on the west coast of Lithuania and has long enjoyed being one of the most important Prussian ports. Actually, the city has long history and was once under Prussian then German and Russian command.
In ancient times, Klaipėda was adored for its timber making industry and still today you can see many old buildings that bring forth the old spirit of the city like the timber buildings in its heart. The Old Town is great for all history enthusiasts due to its narrow streets littered with buildings that were once the soul of the city. Here you can also see the main attraction of the Old Town which is the city square called Theater Square and its Annchen of Tharau Statue that serves the memory of Simon Dach, a once famous poet born in Klaipėda.

Old by time, young by heart

Photo of Klaipėda
Quiet summer evening in the port city Klaipėda” by Mantas Volungevicius is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Take a piece of Klaipėda with you

You can also go and find some nice things to buy in many souvenir shops that are scattered throughout the Old Town. But big shopping isn’t a stranger in this city, you have the big malls are located in the city center where you can buy pretty much anything. Actually it has one of the biggest malls available in the Baltic states called Akropolis, a huge complex where you have a skating track, restaurants, supermarkets and more.
Despite that Klaipėda is a calm city it has some pretty good options if you like to party. Several clubs are present in the city that play jazz, folk, disco music flavors.
The city has some pretty impressive museums like the Castle museum, remains of a 400 year old castle with a museum inside that show casts how the city and its defenses were developed. Or take a peak into the history of clock making in the Clock Museum where you can see the struggles and inventions how man tried to measure time.

Photo of aerial view of Klaipėda
Klaipėda in the summer

Open and green

The city has some nice parks which are a great place to easy your mind or go for a family walk. One of these is the Picture Gallery and Sculpture Park, a gallery and a park next to it filled with modern sculptures.
But the city isn’t all about museums and parks, no not at all, it actually has some great beaches that many people come to visit in the summer months. One of those beaches is called Smiltynė beach and is under UNESCO heritage list, but they all share same clean, warm water during the summer months. Just south of the city there is the Curonian Spit, only a 10 minute ride by ferry and really enjoyable if you like nature.
A unique city in so many ways, Klaipėda is rich with culture and has some really interesting museums to visit. But if that is not your thing you can always go to the beach and go for a swim or check out the old town where there are many attractions to see and pubs that will keep your whistle wet.
Attractions: Castle Museum, Clock Museum, Blacksmiths Museum, Lithuania Minor History Museum, Picture Gallery and Sculpture Park, Theatre Square, Kirsiu Nerija National Park, Lithuanian Sea Museum, Smiltynė beach

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