Saint Petersburg

Image of Church of the Savior on Blood in Saint Petersburg
Church of the Savior on Blood in Saint Petersburg

Beautiful and vast St. Petersburg

This is an amazing city, once knows as Leningrad but regained back its old name St Petersburg in the year 1991, after the Soviet Union has been dissolved. This city is surely the pearl of Russia, city of beauty, in many aspects much greater then the capital of Moscow. This great city was built as a port on the Baltic sea, only in the year 1703, so it’s just about 300 years old, which makes it very young in comparison to many other historic valued cities all around the planet.

Today, St Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia with its 5 million, but each year it is visited by an increasing number if travelers. Only in the year 2005 it was visited by about 3.5 million people and this number has practically doubled by 2013. Because of the very huge number of people coming here each year, many new hotels are seeing light, in the middle and luxurious class. The city lacks high quality public road connections, so moving around can be a bit limited, but also it doesnt shine with its connections with the center of the city, the airport and the port. Of course there is always an option to rent your own vehicle or call a cab.

Theres several excellent restaurants where top of the line cheff’s cook for you. This is especially true on more eminent locatons.

Front image of Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg
Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg great cuisine

The city hosts a wide variety of great restaurants where you are served by top cooks. This is especially evident in the more prestige locations, so be sure to check out the menu and prices before you order. Because the city is placed among the more expensive ones, it is more visited by wealthy people, perhaps even more then any other similar city. The city officials are trying to make the city accessible to a wide range of tourists and more economically and nature friendly.

If you are here for the first time, its a good idea to make a plan for sightseeing the city. There is a ton of different attractions worthwhile seeing. The very popular cruises around the Baltic Sea are done in groups and are a very recommended way to start your tour. The nighttime is a great way to entertain yourself and meet the locals, and there is a lot of opera and ballet performances you can attend.

Image of Russian Cuisine
Russian Pelmeni by Eugene Kim is licensed under CC BY 2.0

City of palaces

St. Petersburg is a city of palaces as famous people like Peter the Great, founder of the city had his residence here, after who the city was named after. Peter’s Palace is one of the first complexes built here. The complex is so beautiful that it was listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage. Russian royal family has had their summer residence in the Rococon Catherine Palace, Stroganov Palace is the next in line you have to check out. The palaces look beautiful and rich on the outside but that can’t compare to the ornaments and relics found on the inside.

The city is so beautiful, that you can spend days just scoping out the museums, like for instance the Museum of Water  or many churches, bridges and even the stock exchange house and the underground railway station are such feats of architecture masterpieces that you can’t find anything like this anywhere else on earth. We could continue to describe this glorious city until the end of forever, and there actually are books that do just that, but until you see St. Petersburg yourself, you cannot even imagine how magnificent it really is.

Image of Peterhof Palace
Peterhof Palace in Saint Petersburg

Best Saint Petersburg attractions:

Peterhof Palace (UNESCO World Heritage), Saint Isaac’s Cathedral , Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, Church of the Savior on Blood, Stroganov Palace, Catherine Palace, Kazan Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress, Palace Square with Winter Palace, Alexander Column and Hermitage Museum, Bronze Horseman monument, Broken Circle monument, Saint Petersburg Philharmonia, Zayachy Island, Mariinsky Palace, Singer House, Admiralty building, Trinity Bridge, Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge, he Smolny Convent, Narva Triumphal Gate, Pulkovo Observatory, Grand Choral Synagogue, Russian Museum, Museum of Water, Dostoevsky Museum, National Pushkin Museum, Suvorov Museum, Russian Academy of Arts, Arctic and Antarctic Museum, Russian cruiser Aurora, Museum of Military Medicine, St.Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music, Saint Petersburg Toy Museum, LabirintUm, Sigmund Freud Museum of Dreams, Central Museum of Railway Transport, Central Naval Museum, Saint Michael’s Castle, Narva Triumphal Gate, Saint Petersburg Botanical Garden, Saint Petersburg State University, Smolny Institute, Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange, Saint Petersburg TV Tower, Lakhta Center, Saint Petersburg Metro, Vitebsky railway station, Leningrad Zoo

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