A true Irish cityLocated in the western part of central Ireland, Galway is one of those small romantic cities with a true Irish atmosphere. The city is also known as The City Of Tribes because of its early history when it was ruled by a collection of families.

The city has its own port that by itself is an attraction. Peaceful settings and beautiful open panoramic views make it all that much attractive. Although Galway has some beaches that can be enjoyed, but they tend to be a bit crowds due to their small size.

Image of Kleymore Abbey Monastery
Kleymore Abbey Monastery

Long legacy of Galway

You can still see today some shops and castles that were built long ago by these ruling families. If you like architecture then check out the Galway Cathedral, huge beautiful church with a gift shop inside. Most notably is that the city and its surroundings feature some of the most scenic nature in Ireland. Beautiful nature can be enjoyed in Connemara National Park, a bit far out of the city but well worth the trip as it is full of stunning views and plenty of opportunities for hiking.

Image of boats in Galway Bay
View from Galway Bay

Galway is a cultural city but lacking in museums. However the energetic nightlife and many pubs more than make up for it, but you can visit the Galway City Museum, a museum favorable by anybody that wants to look into the history behind the city. Worth checking out is the Town Hall Theater where many festivals and other theatrical shows go on. Families will surely enjoy the Galway Atlantaquaria, a aquarium that shows many fish types through different displays.

image of Dunguaire Caslte
Exterior of Dunguaire Castle in Galway by Boomur is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Sports play a huge role

When it comes to sports Galway has a lot to show. Numerous car rally, horse racing and Galway Games events stretch long back into the past. Possibly the most famous are the Galway Races, a hugely popular horse racing event. The city also has its own soccer and football teams but rugby and basketball, hockey and golf are still hugely popular.
Since Galway is quite small by size if compared to Dublin, Dun Laoghaire or Limerick, it means that the many problems that pester bigger cities are not present. It is safe, great for families and with a bustling nightlife scene, a romantic atmosphere and culture heritage that you can explore end experience.

Image of a young man kicking a football
Sports in Galway, Ireland

Best Galway attractions

National University of Ireland, Galway Quay Street, Galway Cathedral, National University of Ireland, Salthill Beaches, Galway Atlantaquaria, Galway City Museum, Galway Gold Club, Quiet man Bridge, Bunowen Castle, The Abbey, Dunsandle Castle and Woods

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