Image of Kremlin in the night
The Kremlin

One of the Biggest

A city with a history that spans almost 900 years ago to this day, Moscow is a Russian icon and one of the most important cities in the world. The city sits in the far west of Russia about 400 kilometers from the Baltic countries Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and others.
The city with its 11 million people is one of the top 20 biggest in the world such as Bangkok or Mexico City. It is not secret that Moscow is the hub of politics, education and finances in Russia and a true architectural wonder when it comes to sightseeing. Many old buildings from Soviet Union times remind us of the past of this glorious city, the good and the bad, but since recent decades many new projects have been completed making way for modern buildings among the true and old giants.

Image of modern skyscrapers in Russia
Russia’s modern skyscrapers

Legendary architecture

Moscow is known for having many Russian Orthodox Churches and other Muslim, Christian and Jewish places of worship. But virtually anywhere you go it’s hard not to dwell into the city’s past as you walk down its streets there are superb examples of many Classical, baroque and other styles of architecture standing. Just for example look at the Kremlin, a hugely important historic and UNESCO site. A fortress like no other in Russia made up out of 5 palaces it is home to the Russian president, much like the White House is in America.
The city has its own 3 airports that serve international lines to and from Paris, Warsaw, St Petersburg, Kiev, Frankfurt, Dubai and many others. Probably the best way to visit the city is by walking its streets, but the sheer size of it might discourage some, but don’t let it scare you. Moscow’s metro system is superb and well organized, so if you plan a little ahead you can get a lot done in a day without losing yourself among its streets and buildings.

Image of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow
Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow

Something for everybody

The city doesn’t just look amazing, there are some awesome activities to view and enjoy such as many operas, puppet theaters, nature and this is to name just a few. If you decide to visit the city during winter you can expect to see a lot of people ice skating in parks and squares, a sort of a magical experience. Families will find an abundance of fun if they know what to look for. For instance there is a Kva Kva Water Park and Moscow Zoo, both very well equipped for kids and parents to spend their time. It’s a good idea to try out some Russian cuisine if you happen to be around one of Moscow’s many restaurants, well worth a taste for any traveler, but since the city has been influenced by other cultures for centuries there is no shortage of Armenian, Japanese, Vietnam, Chinese and Thai cooking available.
Moscow is really one of those cities that stands proudly behind its foundations and history. Extremely well preserved old buildings take you into the past of the country but you don’t really have to know anything about Russia to enjoy them in all of their beauty. Regarded by many as the city of heroes because Napoleon and even Hitler could not conquer the city with their armies, Moscow withstood all attempts to be captured and this is something its people are very proud of.

Image of Alexander Gardens Horse Statue
Alexander Gardens in Moscow

Attractions: Kremlin, Moscow Zoo, Kva Kva Water Park, Russian Orthodox Church(es), St Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Victory Park, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Cathedral of the Assumption, Space Monument and Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Cathedral Square, Chambers of the Romanov Boyars, Moscow Conservatory

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