Tirana, Albania


About 20 percent of country population lives in Tirana. Albanian capital is pretty new city as it was founded in time after Ottoman rulers took over the Albania in 17th century. Tirana is only 30 kilometers inland from the warm Adriatic Sea which makes it an excellent point for developing business and tourism. Its position put it on the map in the beginning of the 20th century, when rulers from Italy decided to move capital of the Albania to this until then totally unimportant city.

Discover capital of Albania

Many interesting pieces of architecture can be found in Tirana, including those from the time of the Ottoman Empire and also those being constructed later in time of socialist era. But maybe the Italian rules made even the most, because they were the ones who started to build big squares, like the famous Skenderberg square in the hearth of the modern Tirana. They also built the ministry buildings, town hall and the royal palace. After the fascist regime lost Second World War, the socialist era has began. In the time of the war, many parts of Tirana were damaged, so in the time of the reconstruction, some older buildings were demolished and newer were added. This is the reason, why today not so many remains of the Ottoman Empire are present in the city. But after the war, the Opera house was added, also the National Historical Museum.

Capital of Albania, Tirana, city center, mosque
Mosque in Tirana city

Enjoy Tirana

Tirana is full of bars and restaurants, many of them being really good. There are many different museums, which are maybe not beings so rich as London, Paris or Vienna but they’re very interesting because they have their special spirit.

Close to Tirana, the only Albanian international airport has been built ten years after the war. It has exceeded one million of travelling passengers around year 2007, when they added a new terminal. Reconstruction works changed it to a very modern airport which now serves close to 2 million passengers per year and a large amount of cargo. Regular flights are scheduled towards Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Brussels and many other cities.

Tirana in Albania, square Skanderbeg
The Skanderbeg square in Tirana city.

It is very easy to reach Tirana with train, bus or with your own car. Going around Tirana is also simple, using public transport, taxi or your own ride. City center can be explored by foot as it is not so big. Some city parts are opened only for pedestrians.

Tirana sports luxury hotels

Tourists and businessman can enjoy different hotels and motels in the city. There are luxury hotels and mid class hotels, also many low priced for backpackers. But remember, you’re going in Albania, so things aren’t very expensive here even if you will order some higher standard. Be sure to check the menu and prices in luxury restaurants, where you can eat good and pay fine. Tirana can be also nice for shopping. Comparable quality or known brandes for clothes and jewerly can be bought here for lower prices then in many other European capitals.

Tirana city center
City view on Tirana, capital of Albania

Best Tirana attractions:

Skenderberg square, Et’hem mosque, National Historical Museum, Opera house, Blloku quarter