Burgas is a lively city on the coast of southeast Bulgaria.
A snapshot of Burgas at night

Burgas is not only the largest city on the Bulgarian coast but also one of the largest cities in Bulgaria. In fact, with the population of about 200.000 citizens, only Plovdiv, Varna and the capital of Sofia have highest population.

Burgas is mix of everything. It is a town where you can make some business or visit some interesting museums and check other sites. Also you can swim in Black sea or hike around the Burgas lakes, where they obtain curative mud and also sea salt. The lakes are part of the protected area, so watch carefully what you can do or not and where you’re not admited to go. This is very important area for Burgas with high level of biodiversity.

A wonderful sight for anybody who likes natural beauty.
Coast in Burgas

Burgas is surely a commercial town and has a great strategic importance for the development of Bulgaria. It is also country’s biggest port and has some big industrial facilities. It is also an university town and has good transport system and also very important Burgas airport with regular domestic and some international flights, but also many seasonal charter planes. Regular international flights are going mostly to Luxembourg, St. Petersburg, London, Helsinki and Oslo.

Burgas is home to many sport teams and museums. One of the most interesting is Archaeological museum but Roman remains  and Poros Fortress are also among the important sights. In August they organize International Folk Festival and many like even more the July event, when Three Week Festival of Opera and Classical Music occurs.

Beautiful view of the sunset at Port Burgas
Port Burgas at sunset


Poros Fortress, Baths of Aquae Calidae, Pantheon, Rusokastro Fortness, Roman City of Develtum, Erkesiya-Border wall, Ethnographic Museum, Archaeological Museum, Museum of Nature and Science, Historical Museum, The building of Regional Customs Burgas, Theatre Adriana Budevska, Opera House

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