Vienna, the capital of Austria, has a charm that attracts many tourists. If you have arrived here, it is most likely that you are one of them who has not been able to resist the tourist magnet that is Vienna.

With its imperial palaces, its baroque urban landscapes, its Kaffeehäuser (coffee bars) illuminated by candelabra and its Beisln (bistro-pubs) clad in wood, Vienna is full of history. But the city not only clings to its traditions, but continues to incorporate everything new: from contemporary design, architecture, and art to ecological initiatives and culinary innovations. Vienna’s past lives in its present, and by extension, in its future.

The amazing culture in Vienna

Architecture in the capital city

Unwittingly, the Ottomans helped to shape the current Viennese architecture. During the second Turkish siege, the Habsburgs freed themselves from the threat of war, and the money previously invested in defense went to a redevelopment that became frenetic in the Baroque period of the 13th century. XVII and XVIII.

St Stephens cathedral in the city center of Vienna, Austria
Architectural pearl in the heart of Vienna is also the tallest church in Austria

Fascinating art of Vienna

Vienna is one of the most fascinating capitals in the world in relation to the visual arts and architecture. The Hapsburgs fostered and sponsored the arts on a large scale, so they left a rich legacy of painting and sculpture visible throughout the city, enlarged by modern and contemporary works.

Contemporary Art scene

Vienna has a very lively contemporary art scene that emphasizes confrontation, breaks barriers and explores new media. Unlike more disturbing and daring movements such as actionism, the extensive Viennese Neue Wilde group uses traditional techniques and media.

Sports and activities in Vienna

Vienna is a great city for outdoor activities. The Wienerwald (the forests of Vienna) to the west is crossed by hiking and biking trails, while the Danube, Alte Donau, and Donauinsel to the east offer boat rides, swimming, cycling, and other activities. There is more than 1200 km of bike paths, and the city is dotted with large parks (the Prater) and small ones (Stadtpark).

Town hall in Vienna, Austria
Town hall in Vienna featuring one of the longest open ice skating places in the world

Best Vienna excursions

The forests of Vienna located about a half hour drive south of the city is an area to enjoy nature. In addition to seeing its mountains, lakes, valleys, forests, and rivers you can visit places such as the spas of Baden, the Heilingerkreuz Abbey, Mayerling convent, Seegrotte caves, or the Neusield Lake, among others. Vienna Woods Excursions are great choice!

Want to visit one of the best opera houses? Here's one of them - the Vienna opera
Opera house building in Vienna, Austria

A good option to get to the forests of Vienna and travel most of it in a day, if you do not have a car, is taking a guided tour in Spanish by bus.

Traveling to Austria and Vienna with children

Vienna, like other European capitals, offers cultural tourism for people of all ages to enjoy. In this city, there are plenty of attractions and places to entertain children and have a nice time.

Amazing scenery of Vienna city at night with view on Danube river

Among the places in Vienna you can take your little ones are Schönbrunn Castle, the Schönbrunn Zoo, the House of Butterflies, the House of the Sea, the Natural History Museum, the Kunst Haus Wien Museum, the Museum Children’s Zoom, the Technical Museum and the amusement park in the Prater.

Things to do in Vienna

The above are just some of the things you can do in Vienna. But it is that this city has so much to offer, that what you will lack is time to know everything. In our passage through this capital, we cannot miss visiting its many museums and parks.