Budapest shopping is definitely an unique experience

Budapest shopping

Budapest is one of the most visited cities in Europe due to its natural heritage and beauty. This, however, isn’t the only reason people visit this city. Budapest shopping is described by many travelers as nothing short of a magic experience.  Most people come from Western Europe because prices are lower and on the other hand, people coming from the East are on the lookout for better quality products. The reasons are many but its universally true that you can have a great experience if you come to Budapest to do some shopping.

Most visited shopping areas

It’s no secret that Budapest is made up of many different sections and streets. They all have their uniqueness to them, but if you travel to the most eastern part of the city you will find part of this great capital city called Pest. Pest is a hugely visited district due to its many shopping opportunities. There you will find the Vaci utca – this is a street that is renowned for its choice of world brands. Here you will find many high-quality products from companies like Reebok, Marks & Spencer, Hugo Boss and Lacoste. It’s one of the most sought-after places if you arrived to Budapest for shopping.

Budapest shopping - shops on streer
Shops are scattered everywhere on the streets of Budapest

You can save quite a bit of money when doing a Budapest shopping, of course compared with shopping in Western Europe. This is an activity not many can resist because you can get great products for lower prices. This side of Budapest is also known for its fashion industry. You will find many high-end shops from local fashion designers which are definitely worth checking out.

While traveling through the city make sure to not overlook the small, hidden shops which are scattered everywhere. These shops are in many cases very old and they also have many unique and interesting items available for purchase. It is hard to describe how the indoors of these small shops look like, but they do have they pristine European feeling that you can’t find in many places nowadays. Budapest shopping is definitely an unique experience in this area.

A great place to find bargains

In recent years Budapest has received many new shopping malls and fashion stores due to high demand. Budapest shopping will allow you to get great deals at great prices here. If you prefer to visit more modern shopping malls there is a huge variety of choice. There have been dozens of new shopping malls and department stores that have opened in the last couple of years. Budapest shopping is now easier than ever because you have fantastic shopping places like Westend City Center.
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It is the largest shopping mall in Budapest with hundreds of stores offering many different products and it also features a built-in cinema. These big malls are a great place to scope out modern high-tech electronic gadgets, fashion clothes, local food and other items while being on Budapest shopping spree.

Budapest shopping doesn’t only go on in big malls because the city has a strong market culture. You can find a market in every corner of the city. These are mostly food markets that have a lot to offer. Local cheeses, sausages, beer and much more are sold here with great prices attached. It’s a great way to learn about the local culture and better yet to truly taste it. 

 Markets in Budapest

While doing Budapest shopping you simply must check out their market places. They are an essential part of life in the city. Not only because they have all the necessities of everyday life, like food and clothes, but also because this is a part of the Budapest tradition. If you prefer to get away from all the hustle and bustle of modern malls and shops you can find some peace here. Markets in Budapest are surely an old school shopping experience.

Budapest shopping at local market
Bazar market in Budapest, Hungary

If you plan to do Budapest shopping you have to visit one of the biggest markets in the city is called Nagycsarnok. It’s the biggest outdoor market in the whole country. Here you will find tons of different items on sale like food, clothes and electronic gadgets. The market is a huge hall with many stands selling all sorts of different items. It is considered as one of the greatest attractions of the city with millions of people visiting the place. They do arrive from all around the globe. 

Budapest shopping folklore

If you are looking to take away a piece of traditional art with you home, you can check out the previously mentioned Great Market. The second floor offers many handcrafted Hungarian items like chairs, pillows, various clothes and other national crafts. Definitely worth to check out if you like history and old stuff.

Budapest shopping will eventually bring you into downtown of the city. There you will find many antique shops on the Falk Miksa Street. It is located just a few steps from the Parliament Building and hosts many galleries and shops that will catch your imagination.

Budapest antique shopping
You can find a lot of antique shops in Budapest

You can find many unique and expensive artwork at Castle District which is very popular among sight seekers and history buffs. Here you will find galleries and museums with many coffee shops and restaurants to boost your Budapest shopping experience. If you happen to find yourself in Castle District it’s a good idea to take it easy and really check every shop out – also those slightly hidden ones that usually only locals know about.

Best food in town

Don’t forget to taste the delicious local cuisine while going about on your Budapest shopping day. The city is known for its locally produced Herz Salami which is very popular among foreigners. This is a good time to mention that Hungarian meat products are famous all over the world. For all those who like spicy food it’s recommended to try Papprika Paste, a good very hard to find dish outside of the capital city.

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Video: Budapest street food. Hungary’s best street food guide. Spicy hungarian paprika goulash.

A good glass of wine goes a long way into making your day. Budapest is known for its selection of various wines that draw people from all around the world. Palinka is one of the most popular choices of Brandy for those that do a Budapest shopping. You can go for a short trip into Visegrad which is only about 40 kilometers north of Budapest to visit Palinka Museum. There you will find many interesting facts about making of this popular drink.

It’s no secret that you can find almost anything in Budapest, but if you know where to look for that special something there are plenty of options. If you are looking for folklore items or the latest tech gadget you can find plenty of places that will satisfy your needs.

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