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Yekaterinburg city

Between Asia and Europe

One of the cities of Russia that can compare itself (by size) to Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other major cities. The city is found in a midway point between Asia and Europe, a feat that Yekaterinburg is very well known for. Even a monument has been built on the very spot. There you can walk between the Asian and European border by foot.
Yekaterinburg isn’t just another big city, it is a huge educational, cultural and financial pillar of Russia. It features several dozen museums with a wide variety of things to see such as the Shigir Collection, featuring the oldest wooden sculpture found in the world. The city is full of interesting attractions. Just for instance visit the QWERTY Monument, a huge imitation of a keyboard made from big stone blocks with keyboard letters, symbols and numbers imprinted on them. Truly on the outside the city looks beautiful and green, but the traffic can be a bit overwhelming so it is best to use the public transport.

Yekaterin photo taken on a beautiful day
Yekaterinburg City by Vladislav is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Yekaterinburg in the open

The city also features its own Circus, a landmark of the city worth visiting even if you aren’t a fan of the circus. If you are visiting you shouldn’t miss the Chinese Bazaar or just Chinese Market. Here you can find pretty much everything in the many stalls around. You also have many malls you can enjoy here if you are on a shopping spree. The city also features some nearby resorts which are great for skiing enthusiasts. The city is also a bidder of 2020 World Expo hosting.

Front view of Yekaterinburg Circus by Vladislav is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
Yekaterinburg Circus by Vladimir is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Great accomodation

In the city you can find a good amount of restaurants and food from countries like Japan, Italy and of course Russia. The variety of foods can be a bit limiting regarding the international standards. But on the other hand there is a huge choice of hotels raging from luxurious to more budget oriented variants. Even if you come here to party you can find a club or a bar to your liking without too much difficulty.
Yekaterinburg is a city full of wonderful and out of the box thinking attractions that inspire and surprise travelers. It’s a place of learning, sports and sightseeing and a great adventure into the Russian past, present and future.

Photo of the front side of Atrium Palace Hotel in Yekaterinburg by Vladislav is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
Atrium Palace Hotel in Yekaterinburg by Vladislav is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Attractions: Opera and Ballet Theaters, Ural State Technical University, Chinese Market, QWERTY Monument, Museum of Fine Arts, Church of the Blood, Circus, Ural State University,

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