Old city house in Antwerp


If you like churches, that could be one of the big reasons why to visit the city of Antwerp. But the presence of Cathedral of Antwerp, the biggest gothic style church in Belgium and one of the most beautiful churches far around, is not the only reason to visit this nice city. This great example of medieval architecture is very well preserved. A special feature is the bell tower, which stands over 120 meters tall and was built for over a hundred years.

Sea, port – Antwerp

Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium, with around half of a million inhabitants. What Rotterdam means for the Netherlands, Antwerp means for Belgium. This is the largest Belgian port. It has the crucial influence both for the region and the whole country business. The importance of the transport in this city is also visible in attractive Central Railway station.

Belgian city Antwerp
Antwerp city is a biggest port in Belgium

Antwerp is a really cool place to visit, especially if you’re a club lover or an artist of any kind. There are many pubs, bars and clubs around the city and the scene is really vibrant and fresh. If you are an art lover, you will certainly visit the Rubens house. He’s a famous Belgian artis who worked in Antwerp around 1610. In the Rubens house you can see some of his works, and especially the environment in which the artist has created.

Visit Antwerp museums

One of the most fun place in Antwerp is the MAS or also Museum aan de Stroom. It has interesting and fun exibits on many floors and great view around the city from all levels, including the terace. It is surely worth visiting and is so close to the center of the town that you can walk there on foot. Many visitors highly recomend the Middelheim Museum, which is really a park full of sculptures, most of them being really unusual.

Antwerp stone castle
Stone castle near city center of Antwerp

After the Antwerp spent quite a turbulent history, including a significant devastation during World War II, today it is a very safe city, which is also quite unusual. It is interesting both from a historical, business and cultural perspective. If you are close or just passing near the Antwerp, make sure it will get on your way at least for some time.

Best Antwerp attractions:

Town Hall, The Cathedral of Our Lady, Saint Paul’s Church, Carolus Borromeus Church, Great Market, Rubens House, Mode Museum, Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Museum aan de Stroom, Main Railway station

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