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Image of Glasgow Bridge
Glasgow Bridge

One of the biggest Scottish cities

Glasgow is the second largest city in Scotland and home to about 600.000 inhabitants. Most people came familiar with the city through its London based BBC radio network, the only network speaking Scottish language.

Everybody can find something to like and enjoy in Glasgow. The city has many impressive buildings to show in Victorian architectural style, so its a wonder to explore. One of these marvels is the City Hall, about 150 years of age is one of the prime examples of Victorian era design. It was supposed to have been built by queen Victoria. Visiting the City Hall takes you into the distant past of Glasgow.

Image of a path in Glasgow in the countryside
Countryside in Glasgow

Meeting point of merchants

Fans of antiques will feel right at home in Merchant City, a special part of the city that combines a mixture of old and new. This was once a meeting point of many European merchants, but today is mostly a place of entertainment and shopping. The city is known for its bustling modern life because there is many trend bars, coffee shops and shopping malls.

Huge are also the festivals and different cultural performances. A lot of European and Celtic shows. Appealing to the eye is surely the meeting of old vehicles from Western Europe and the annual car saloon Glasgow Motor Show. Every year there is a special event in the Glasgow Sports Museum where they revive the old soccer legends and memories of them.

Photo of the Glasgow Cathedral
Glasgow Cathedral

Famous as a very friendly city with excellent public and railway transport

Visiting the city is great for its Victorian and Keltic architecture wonders that is mixed in with modern buildings. What is interesting that the passage of time hasn’t touched much of the old attractions in the city. With its many parks its great for families and the beauty speaks for itself. Probably one of the best European cities, Glasgow is a green, friendly experience.

Photo of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Best Glasgow attractions:

Burell Collection, Tenement House, Kelvingrove Museum, Art Gallery, Football Museum, Botanic garden

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