Image of Monaco Bay
Monaco Bay

Monaco and Nice

If you hear Monaco and think of Casinos then you have to imagine sandy beaches and the city Aristocrat when you hear the name Nice. These two cities are actually really close, a good 10 kilometers. In many ways they share many similarities, but on the other hand are also very different. Monaco is a city of sports while Nice is of culture.

Nice came under the authority of France in 1860 as a reward for the French because their aid in the Italian liberation war. Austria was defeated, France was rewarded and Italy was free. The influences of the former Savoy kingdom can be seen in the city’s architecture, but at the same time it retained some of the Savoy’s way of thinking that can still be felt today.

Image of Nice city in France
Nice city and French Riviera

Cultural center Nice

Nice enchants visitors with its long beach, some remarkable buildings, palaces, many baroque churches, city cathedral and the astounding house of opera and ballet. The amazing view of the city and Azure coast opens up from the hill, where a castle once stood. The name still stands “Castle Hill”, but the castle isn’t there for almost 300 years.

Image of a Nice at night
Nice streets at night

Explore Nice at your own pace

The old part of the city is worth exploring by foot. While many modern boats and yachts are tied to the coast, the old city streets and marks still retain that pristine hustle and bustle feeling. Spice and fish market, that are open every day are an amazingly popular meeting point for locals. However there are more markets. They sell a remarkable amount of different goods for tourists, and many flea markets sell antiques and a lot more. In Nice, if your wallet is a bit fat and could stand to lose some weight you can afford good shopping and great dining at many of its restaurants.
Azure coast in France offers many excellent locations. While for instance St. Tropez is quieter, Cannes and Monaco are thriving with life, but biggest cities, Nice and Marseille with their energy and excitement stand out. But what you are truly after, you know best for yourself.

Image of market in Nice
Market in Nice at night

Best Nice attractions:

Lascaris palace, Misericorde church, Opera of Nice, Cathedral Ste-Reparate, Matisse Museum, Museum of modern art, Excelsior Regina Palace, Museum of Natural History, Naval Museum, Marc Chagall Museum, Museum of modern and contemporary art

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