Image of Vianden Castle in Luxembourg


Aerial view of Luxembourg City
Luxembourg City is the capital of Luxembourg

International capital

Luxembourg capital has the same name as they country, which is not very common but not so rare neither, especially in smaller countries. The capital is the seat of government, sport, tourism and business. You can find international most known banks here on every corner, on every street, on every square. Even if you didn’t arrive to put in or get out some money, you have still arrived to a location, which will stay in your memory for a long time.

Front view of Luxembourg Palace
Luxembourg Grand Ducal Palace

Small but rich in cultre

The city of Luxembourg is a small city, with around 80.000 population or around 100.000 in wider area. In the time of the Second World War, it was used as a seat of allied forces command. They planned the important Battle of the Ardennes here and they executed it well. After the war, city returned to its previous glory fast. Many banks, financial funds and European organizations found their seats here and the city evolved on business shoulders and brought one of the highest standards to its inhabitants.

Differdange Castle front view image
Differdange Castle in Luxembourg

Past and present play a strong role in Luxembourg

City has all you can wish and imagine, from historic places like fortifications, Cathedral or Royal palace, some even under UNESCO protection, to modern shops, Michelin star awarded restaurants, book shops and very good hotels. Modern buildings are well placed into this old town and museums and old town center can be visited by foot. You can move around the city with good public transport or your own vehicle, also there is a train station and modern and renovated international airport, just few kilometers from the city center. Regular flights are going towards Zurich, Amsterdam, Munich, London and Lisbon and cargo flights to many more towns all around the world, including to Atlanta, Sydney, Mexico City and Bangkok.
Luxembourg is a great place to visit, even if your time is very limited, because city can be easily explored in one day. If you have more time, it is a good place from which you can explore the surrounding country.

Photo of Ahn, a village in Luxemburg
Ahn village in Luxembourg

Town hall, Royal Palace, Cathedral of Our Lady, Luxembourg City History Museum, National Museum of History and Art

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