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Found just less than 200 kilometers from Italian capital Rome, Naples is one of the most rewarding cities to visit. The city’s name literally means “New City” in Ancient Greek language and this is so because it is one of the oldest cities in Italy. Its symbolic icon is the volcanic mountain Vesuvius.

The city is literally cluttered with attractions which show us its amazing history and tradition. You have to understand that the Naples is very different to Rome or Genoa because it is a city of many sights. Some offer beautiful landmarks while others have been reduced to poverty.

Historic Naples – history of catholic religion

Its old historic center has almost 448 churches, making it the number one city in the world by church number. This has earned it the UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s not hard to imagine why it is the most visited part of Naples. Full of beautiful baroque churches and architecture, famous squares and a thriving nightlife make the old part of the city a sort of living and breathing museum.

Port is very important part of Naples
View on Italian city Naples, with port

The city still holds strong connections to French and Spanish roots, but this has created a unique culture that is home only to Naples. Some may say that the many streets and buildings that are covered in graffiti are off putting, but it is a reality of the city.

Italian town of Naples, with Plebiscito square
Square Plebiscito in Naples, Italy

Here are some spectacular castles and forts that are very well worth seeing such as the Castelnuovo, a castle of medieval origin serving as a city museum holding beautiful art. It is also one of the top places to be if you like spectacular views of the city.It also holds one of the largest roman architectural museums in the entire world.  Also don’t forget to check out the Ruins of Pompeii, ruins of an ancient roman town that is very close to the city.

Many hotel types can be booked in Naples

Naples is actually the birthplace of Pizza and is said to serve the best ones. The whole region where Naples stands is very well known for its sweets and drinks. The city is also becoming increasingly popular among young people as a travel destination.

Italian port of Naples
Naples port (Italy)

Accommodation shouldn’t be a problem for there are many hotels for all budgets. Don’t be scared by stereotypes that flow around about Naples as “unsafe” or “dirty”. As it might be in some areas it is no safer than Amsterdam or Barcelona. Remember that Naples is an epic city, full of discoveries awaiting you to explore them. It is a city of many aspects of life reaching from beautiful to the harsh reality of today’s world.

Naples best attractions

Egg Castle, Napolitan National Gallery, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Carthusian Monastery, Royal Palace, Castel Nuovo, Castel Cupano, Museum of Music History, Naval Museum, Mount Vesuvius

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