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Image of Catania on Christmas
Catania at Christmas time

Catania – A historic city like no other

Found in the southern party of Italy, Catania is a city with an abundant rich history that spans over a thousand years ago. The city is located near Mount Etna, the largest volcano in this part of the world.

Catania sits on the world-famous Island called Sicily and is one of its bigger cities. For centuries influenced by different cultures; Greek, Roman, Spanish and others, it left a huge imprint on the architecture and design of the city.

Today Catania is a bustling lively metropolis with a lot of interesting attractions. Actually its best attraction is the architecture itself, a mix of several styles like Baroque, Neoclassical and Renaissance. All of this gives it a “theatrical” feeling to the city and is a joy to explore. The downtown area of Catania has been proclaimed a UNESCO site because of its unique and rich history.

Image of the beautiful Baroque architecture in Catania
Giovanni Battista Vaccarini’s Duomo façade by Berthord Werner is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Catania’s spirit

The fact about Sicily is that people have their own culture and festivals which are unique to the rest of Italy. This makes it even more appealing to visit the city and enjoy its culture, landmarks and beautiful weather. A must see is the famous landmark of the city called Elephant Fountain. It is just what it sounds like, a big elephant carrying a fountain on its back.

Literally anywhere you set your foot in the city there is something to see. Many examples of Baroque architecture can be found in the UNESCO protected downtown area. There are many other sites worth a visit such as the Castel Ursino, an old medieval castle that serves today as a Civic Museum.

Image of the Cathedral Santa Agata
Cathedral Santa Agata is the main place of catholic religion in Catania

Awe-inspiring Catania

Catania is a treasure chest of landmarks and attractions that will blow your mind. The history and culture of the city and of Sicily in general is something every traveler should experience in Italy. The beautiful weather, great food and plenty of sights make this city one of the top experiences when visiting Italy.

Image of Alcantara Gorge
Alcantara Gorge canyon in Catania

Best Catania attractions:

Castello Ursino, Villa Bellini Park, Benedictine Monastery, Historical building of the University, Massimo Bellini Theater, Roman Thermal Baths, The Cathedral

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