Situated only 37 kilometers from the north Spanish border lays the city of Pau. It was the first place with a Grand Prix racing track and is also very supportive of sports.

Pau features great architecture

Pau is the first city in Continental Europe to feature its own Gold Course. Since 1930 Pau has became a regular place where Tour de France cycling competition is held. This is mostly because the city has beautiful natural scenery and amazing architecture.

Image of the bridge corssing the Gave de Peu River in France.
Gave de Peu River in Orthez region, France

Pau is also a good place to enjoy some French cuisine and in many cafes and bars you can sit outside enjoying your drink. One of the most notable attractions is the Chateau de Pau, a huge ex-fortress where King Henry IV was born.

Book hotel in Pau soon

The city has some nice museums to visit like the Musee des Beaux-Arts, showing many beautiful paintings from Spanish, Dutch, Italian and English artists. There are a few nice opportunities to taste some French cuisine in the city and some local specialties.

Image of Boulevard des Pyrenees in Pau, France.
Boulevard des Pyrenees in Pau, France

Pau is a beautiful city but primarily is loved by sports fans because of its many sports related events that take place in the city. What it lacks in architectural beauty it makes up for in ideally natural setting. In the time when sport events are being held, city can be packed with visitors. Book your hotel in Pau in some other time, otherwise you can overpay your stay. Of course, if you want to see the sport event, then that’s another story. In that case find a hotel as soon as possible or it is possible that you will find your room far from the town itself.

Best Pau attractions

Boulevard des Pyrenees, Pau Castle, Musee National du Chateau de Pau, Casino de Pau Groupe Tranchant

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