A relaxing place with plenty of water sport opoortinities

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is first and best summer resort in Bulgaria. It is positioned on the coast of the Black sea, between Varna and Burgas. While another popular resort Golden Sands is on the northern Bulgarian coast of the Black sea closer to Romania, the Sunny beach is much to the south, closer to Turkey.

A great place for vacations.
Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Tourist apreciate Sunny beach climate

The Sunny Beach resort has a mild Mediterranean climate which has attracted guest for decades. Tens of years ago, the government of Bulgaria started to invest money in this district, building first hotels and apartments.

Constructions and developement of the area really hasn’t stopped since then. Even more, in the 90’s more and more capital arrived and now over 200 different hotels, hundreds of pubs, restaurants, night clubes, stores and other tourist inviting buildings are present. Sadly not so many green areas and recreational infrastructure was built, so this is the mission for the future.

A great stop for all those seeking some safe water adventures with your family.
Action Aquapark in Sunny Beach

Perfect European holiday area

In the first era of Sunny Beach success, the most visitors arrived from Russia, but novadays more and more are comming from west european countries like United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. There are also more and more families arriving at this popular resort, mostly due to lots of outdoor water activities that are possible.

Package holidays and cheap hotel bookings are very popular, also many young visitors are arriving to spend their free summer time at a very long beach, at amusement parks and at a night in many night clubs and discos.

Visit Bulgaria’s UNESCO site

The famous ancient town of Nesebar is very popular day trip for many tourists. Some say city is like Dubrovnik in Croatia. This UNESCO protected city with about 10.000 inhabitants features so many interesting buildings from different eras, like ancient Greeks, time of Ottoman empire, etc. There are many churches, old town houses, fortifications and even a wooden mill. If you like the old architecture, this is one of the best possible places to visit in large part of the region.

Sunny Beach is a big, important and nice summer resort, where prices are fair and places to choose from are various. It is a very good destination to spend your free time in the warm months.

A wonderful piece of old architecture.
Nessebar Church in Sunny Beach

Best Sunny Beach attractions

Nesebar ancient town

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