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Image of Borovets center
Borovets center

Welcome to Borovets

Borovets ski resort was the best skiing resort in Bulgaria for a long time. It is lying just south of Varna and around 75 kilometers from the capital city of Sofia. Center was being enlarged each year for some time but later investments stopped, while other ski resort, especially Bansko, attracted more capital and therefore also more visitors. But new huge project brought a lot of fresh money to Borovets and new facilities, racing tracks and hotels are now being built each year. All this great improvements are putting Borovets back to the ski resort map of the eastern Europe.

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Nature in Borovets

Standing high

The village of Borovets sits just under the mountain called Musala, reaching the height of 2.925 meters above the sea level. This is the highest peak in Bulgaria and also in the whole Balkan peninsula. While the mountain is high in the clouds, the ski resort stands in the forested area at about 1.300 meters above sea level. When all tracks and ski runs are opened, visitors can enjoy on about 60 kilometers long tracks, with highest point where skiing is still possible is at incredible 2.550 meters altitude. Ski runs have different inclination and length, from the shortest with about 600 meters to the longest where you can ski up to 6 kilometers in length.

Photo of Borovets center
Borovets by Biser Todorov is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Love of sports all the way

Borovets was always very popular winter ski resort. Reason for that is in temperatures and humidity. While temperatures don’t drop far below 0, but are usually only around -5 degrees Celsius, which means you won’t freeze on every run, the humidity gives plenty of fresh snow all the time and feeling of freshness.
Apart from alpine skiing, there are also options for cross country skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding and also night skiing. Borovets invested so much in improvement of ski runs in last decades, that even first official FIS ski competitions has been organized. There are also plenty of ski teachers that you can rent for some time or join one of their many ski schools in this great winter center.

Image of a backflip in Borovets
Sports in Borovets by Constantine Trupcheff is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


In the summer time there are lots of options to enjoy the great nature, forests and mountains in the surrounding area. Many paths are inviting you to explore them, going through the forests and mountain slopes. You can also use a ski lift to bring you on the altitude of over 2.300 meters above sea level, from where you can continue your climb towards the highest peak in the Balkan. Other options are also motorized safaris, abseiling, climbing, and even pony trekking.
If you’re looking for some great ski resort, with lots of options for outdoor winter sports and good value for your money in hotels, bars, pubs and stores, then Borovets is surely one of the best possible options.

Image of Mount Rila
Mount Rila

Prince Ferdinand Bistritsa Palace

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