Day trips from Budapest - Cathedral and a castle in Esztergom city

Day trips from Budapest

Usual day trips from Budapest start in the morning. The reason for that is the size of the Hungarian capital city. It will take some time to travel to your destination, so it’s a good idea to start early in the dawn. So when you will plan your day trips from Budapest, have that in mind.

What can you see around Budapest

Would you like to start your day in green scenery? Those forests surrounding the Budapest are just waiting for you. You can arrive there by bus or train, of course also with car if you own one.

Day trips from Budapest - Višegrad castle
Visiting Višegrad castle is recommended day trip from Budapest

There are plenty of things to see on the way there with restaurants and other places waiting for you to stop by.

If you like cycling a great place for you can be found north of Budapest, close to cities Višegrad, Vac and Nagymaros. There is a natural park and golf place there, so go there if you wish to relax early in the morning.

Trip to Esztergom city

Just a big more to the east, following the river, Don will take you to the city Esztergom. This was one a centre of Hungarian Catholic Church. This is the biggest basilica in whole country with its dome over 70 meters high. Not only it’s huge but it is also full of beautiful art. It dates back to 11th century. For those looking some adventures you can also check out the crypt inside. Important bishops were laid to rest there and you can also find an important treasury inside. Don’t forget to visit the tower and earn a spectacular view across the surrounding area.

Day trips from Budapest - Cathedral and a castle in Esztergom city
Cathedral and a castle in Esztergom city

Next thing really worth visiting the city and going on day trip from Budapest is castle of Esztergom. The castle was restored between both world wars. It is decorated with a beautiful art from renaissance era built on the remains of the older castle and royal palace dated back in 12th century in the time of early-Gotic era.

Every art lover needs to visit a Museum of Christianity where you will find amazing works from various Italian masters like Lozenzo di Credi, Giovanni di Paolo, Duccio and other Hungarian and Czech artists.

Visit a Visegrad city

Founded by the Romans in fourth century and settled by Slovan’s in 10th century, the Visegrad city is another great day trip from Budapest that every tourist should experience. It is one of the most picturesque towns around whole Hungary. It was later destroyed by Mongol invasion army but rebuilt on remains later on. It hosted very important European congress which was attended by the Polish king, Count of Luxembourg and Bohemian king in the year 1335. The extremely important political event hosted in the city was also in 1991 when leaders of Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary made a Visegrad group. It is a cultural and political alliance of four (Czechoslovakia later dissolved to Czech and Slovakia) Central European nations.

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The most important part of the city for the tourist on the day trip from Budapest is surely the royal palace along with castle. Remains of the palace are still being reconstructed while in its best time the structure was so beautiful that Pope Sixtus IV described it as a heaven on earth. It was destroyed by Turkish army in the siege of 1544. Excavation started in the 1934 and is still ongoing.

Also important part is a Solomon Tower in the lower castle where museum resides today. You can learn city history and secrets inside museum which also hosts reconstructed Gothic fountains from the Royal Palace along with Herculean fountain.

Lake Balaton – daily trip from Budapest

Another one day trip from Budapest is of course the coast of Hungary. We are talking about 200 km long Lake Balaton, because Hungary doesn’t have access to the sea coast. Water temperature in lake can reach 30 degrees Celsium (86 Fahrenheit) and is excellent for sunbathing, swimming, fishing and many other sport activities.

You will find plenty of bars, restaurants, shops (read the following article to find out more about Budapest Shopping), camps and hotels along the lake coast. Nightlife is not common here so it’s a great place to relax from all the hustle of the capital. The northern coast of the lake features many attractions like Balatonalmádi and Balatonfüred, both great places to relax with many sporting activities. 

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While going about your daily trip from Budapest there are also other great places in the surrounding area on the north of Balaton lake. One of those place is the Tihany, a village located on the lake shore is a great place to learn about history of Hungary.

Here you will find the Tihhany Abbey church with Benedictine monastery. Founded almost a thousand years ago it was dedicated to Holy Virgin.

Siofok city a pearl on lake

On the south coast of the lake you can come across to Siofok city. Here’s the best nightlife in the surrounding area. City is most popular holiday destination, the largest city in the area and ideal location to stay, while you want to explore more of the area.

Fountain of Count István Széchenyi in Hungary, Siófok
Count István Széchenyi was one of the greatest statesman in Hungary and is also known as “The Greatest Hungarian”.

Enjoy the Rukkel lake Waterpark

Rukkel waterpark is a splendid day trip from Budapest, where parents and kids can use their free time and enjoy water area with many water slides, water tubes and other activities on coast or in water. You will reach the destination in 20 minutes of car ride as the location is only 30 kilometres south of Budapest centre.

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City of Gödöllő

North east of Budapest tourists can come across the town of Gödöllő. This is another great day trip from Budapest which will fascinate even the most demanding site seekers. It is located around 30 km from the capital and hosts around 35.000 inhabitants.

Royal Palace of Gödöllő is recomended day trips from Budapest
Visiting Royal Palace of Gödöllő is another great one day trip from Budapest

The most imposing building is the Royal palace of Gödöllő the fantastic piece of architecture that was completed in the 1748. It was a home to many important figures form Hungarian history, like Emperor Franz Joseft and his wife Sisi, also admiral Horthy and others. While there one should visit the Grand hall, the secret room of Queen Elizabeth and her salon, the chapel and coronation hall.

Walking around the halls, stairways and ballrooms will take you almost 300 years ago back in time. The fantastic decorations and arts are all on exhibit and are still extremely well kept.

Short vacation in town Vac

On the eastern bank of Danube river sits Vac, a great city holding over 1000 years of history. It was rebuilt after being destroyed in the war of 17th century. The market place and city hall are great tourist attractions and the other is the Dominican church of Our Lady of Victory.

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While being on a day trip from Budapest, this is the city you really need to visit. Here you can also find a remains of Habsburg family. Maria Teresa adored the town Vac and was living in Vac residence, which was a Bishop’s palace before that.

Follow for other great attractions in the Hungarian capital, plan a great day trip from Budapest and while travel around the globe also learn with us.

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