Image of Siena buildings
Siena buildings

Historical center Siena

Found in northern Italy, just 50 kilometers from Florence is the city of Siena. It is a historical center and a UNESCO declared site. Siena stands out as one of the most visited places in Italy due to its rich history, culture and attractions.

The first thing you will notice about Siena is its medieval architecture and atmosphere, and this is what makes it so interesting. It still retains this old proud spirit from medieval times and its inhabitants are extremely proud of that. The city layout and its streets haven’t changed much since 500 years ago making it a genuine experience.

Image of Siena Cathedral
Cathedral of Sien

All kinds of events

One of the most famous events that goes alone with the name of the city is the Palio Horse Race, one of the biggest of its kind in Italy and it has been so since the 11th century. Many of the famous artists have been born in Siena and over the years gained a rich artistic culture.

Siena is a perfect place to travel back into the past of old festivals, architecture and cuisine. Attractions like the Siena Cathedral, reaching 800 years in age is just one of the many beautiful buildings showing the incredible beauty of Romanesque Gothic design. It is well worth to see the insides of these ancient churches as the décor is amazingly beautiful.

Image of Siena's horse race preperations
The carroccio of Siena during the Corteo Storico procession preceding the Palio of August 2006 by William Domenichini is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Siena loves sports

The city also has a strong love for sports and its football club called Associazione Calcio Siena since 1904, hosting games at the ARtemio Franchi Stadium. Like for the most part of Italy football is extremely common and many tournaments for football amateurs are held.

A trip to the past no doubt, Siena is a city you really can’t get to know without exploring it yourself. Many treasures await you here if you look for them or even if you don’t you will surely find something

Photo of inside of Siena Artemio Franchi Stadium
Siena Artemio Franchi Stadium by Francesco Gasparetti is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Best Siena attractions:

Piazza del Campo, Church of San Domenico, Piazza Salimbeni, Artemio Franchi Stadium, Siena Cathedral

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